Your River, Your Responsibility 

The James River is a wonderful natural resource. It is Virginia's largest river, and it's watershed is home to one third of the state's population! Virginians rely on the James for drinking water, commerce, and recreation.  

MJRC wants YOU to help us advocate for the preservation and protection of the mighty James, so that everyone can enjoy this beautiful river for years to come. 

What Can You Do?

By becoming a Guardian of the James, you join forces with us to keep our river clean and accessible. 

It's Easy!

There's no cost to you - in fact, becoming a member grants you a 10% discount on all of your future floats!

All you have to do is agree to a few things:

1. You will use reusable water bottles on all of your float trips.

2. You will be sure to pack out everything you pack in.

3. And this is the big one. You will agree to take and fill a small trash collection vessel on your float trips. 

To become a Guardian of the James, mention it to an MJRC staff member when you come for your next float!

Most Interesting Garbage Contest

MJRC's Guardians of the James members get to participate in one of the nations most competitive, action-packed, highly anticipated outdoor sporting events of the year!

Okay, not really.

But winners do get a t-shirt and a special spotlight on our website and social media accounts.  

If you find a cool, unusual, or just plain unidentifiable piece of garbage along the river, put it in your collection sack and turn it in at take-out! At the end of the season, MJRC's garbage experts will choose the most interesting piece of garbage, and announce the winner on social media, and our website! You'll also receive a phone call to let you know of your victory. 

Conservation can be Fun!