Learn to Stand-Up Paddle Board

It is really not as hard as it looks. 

Our beginner paddle-board class is designed to give you the skills you need to get you out on the water. Our instructor will guide you through everything, from properly fitting your life vest and how to use your gear, to how to balance, steer, and climb back on the board when you fall off (and you will fall off)! After the instructional session, you will have time to yourself to practice and explore. The class is a fun, stress and judgement-free way to learn a new hobby, and get outdoors with your friends and family. 

We offer stand-up paddle board classes in Lynchburg (River Edge Park), Big Island (Snowden) , and Madison Heights (Monacan Park). Classes are $30 /person, and consist of 30 - 40 minutes of instruction, and an hour of free paddling. Call 434-660-3529, or check out our Facebook page for dates and bookings.